What you can expect depends on your experience and the styles in question.

As many models are visiting Copenhagen, the pricing that I can offer are influenced by the strong competition. Also I don’t earn money on my pictures, so my budget is limited by that fact as well.

Experience is reference to a portfolio with at least a couple of photographers. Without experience we can still shoot together on a TFP basis (time for photo), so don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Fashion / portrait / beauty shoot – from 10€ to 30€ per hour depending on  experience
  • Lingerie / boudoir – from 20€ to 40€ per hour depending on experience
  • Nudeart – from 40€ to 70€ depending on experience

For half day shoots (4 hours) or longer, the price offered will be lower.

NB! We always sign a contract before the photoshoot – for mutual benefit and comfort.
Shooting time includes small hourly breaks, but not travel to location! Travel expences may be covered when agreed upon!

Portfolio galleries with a different international and Danish professional models I have worked before: